Shanghai, le vide, les regards

Sans titre.jpgTHE SILENT UPROAR OF TRUTH • 臆动着的真实

Tang Tao  2015 Solo Exhibition • 唐涛2015年个人作品展

Art overpasses the world of representations, and exposes the truth of the hidden life. The Artist’s job is the progress of expressing instead of the outcome of it. A stranger, who is wandering outside the world of value, his practice of solitary exposes the hidden meaning and value of these representations.


Facing up to nothingness can lead to the discovery of another existence. Tang Tao’s art is powerful, showing the real nothingness which is covered by the world of representations, in which the blurred ordinary figures are shining in the blank space which is detached from the realistic context. In the elusive, grey area which is stretching impulsively, flows the concerto of emotions echoing the perceptions of life.


Tang Tao masters both depicting details and handling the whole picture’s vigor. His neat, dynamic strokes grasp the fleeting specific facial expressions and gestures, shaping a free existence. In his work, the bright silver color is mottled by ochre and gold colors which are slightly sparkling, and the elegant, static figure unconsciously reveals the ridicule of the mundane life. The whole picture is shining with humanity in the solemn atmosphere. He concerns about ordinary people and expresses them in his works, during which he tastes the flavor of life and manifests his calm, self-sufficiency internal world.  



唐涛的画面无论是对细节的刻 画还是对势态的抒发,都可谓收放自如。充满动感的爽劲笔触,将形象中转瞬即逝的情态精准地抓住,塑造成一种游离的实在。画面中,银质的光洁下微微闪烁着赭 金色的斑驳,端庄的静态形体不经意间流露出源自世俗生活中的揶揄,使得整个画面在肃穆峻冷的气氛中时时跃动着人性的光辉。而这种对平凡人物的关注与表现, 并在这一过程中觉出生命味道的做法,正是艺术家内心世界自足且沉静的体现。

Art Director 艺术总监   Molly Lee Chin Pin 李君蘋

Exhibition Director 展览总监  Sai Kit Loke 陸世傑


Opening 开幕  05 DEC 2015, 15: 00-18: 00

Venue 地点  THE GALLERY, SH  上海格蕊莉画廊

Duration 时间  05 DEC – 07 JAN 2016


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