« La Marque Rouge », déroulé et propos


« La Marque Rouge », déroulé et propos

L’architecture de l’ouvrage et son propos dans le document ci-joint


La marque rouge Book profile

La Marque rouge: Book profile

Book background:
For those a bit far away from our ongoing works in China, may I shortly present my standpoint and myself.
My background is originating from being a Philosophy teacher, after graduating from doctor of Anthropology and philosophy.
I then created four years ago my own company « M&tis-Jujing » Research Company in Shanghai, marketing research and consulting company specializing in brand development in countries with high social mobility, after more than twenty years devoted to ethnology and qualitative studies with major brands in Luxury, Cosmetics, Fashion and Industry.
See http://www.metis-jujing.com
Now newborn as well in Paris/France since last year, South America and soon more kids to be born elsewhere in all the major emerging economies centers of this world…
Aim of the study:
With « La Marque Rouge », as part of this works, I endeavored to scrutiny from a sociological perspective and philosophical links that exist or are built-up between Chinese and brand Cultures.
This book aims to offer an analysis of Chinese culture today, taking into account its history, its evolution and its possible future. It supports his
Statements and analysis by sharing works by contemporary artists for which I would like to express my grateful thanks and recognition.
Book pitch-in a nutshell:
International brands remain at the heart of economic openness; they are the “new messengers” who will crystallize any transformation of a socio-political system.
The Chinese middle class in turn will rely on international symbols to exist and build their own identity, a brand new landmark provided in addition, a break, having fresh air in a closed system. Brands represent – or not – a loophole, as elsewhere, to better integrate into the Chinese society and make it work better. Contemporary Art will soon become the expression of the brand outside China, and then further define as the ability to open its memory to others and to sell to the world as an expression of a creative and critical potential.
It is this process, both of upheaval and new realities; I deeply studied these moving tracks through the artworks shown in his book and major brands.
Zhang Dali, Zhong Biao and Zhao Bo works:
My major aim is to understand deeply the relationship at work between Art, Brands and Culture. Its puts under scrutiny the robustness of a new re-born Chinese Culture but as well how today consumerism could be built inside this framework…
In that extent, Zhang Dali, Zhong Biao and Zhao Bo works are key in understanding this process.
Book second part has to deal in fact with following both sides.
What Brands should or may learn from Art?:
A new Culture and memory strength (work on anchoring, capital from heritage, power of symbolism against hyper-consumerism…)
And, moreover, what Art could learn from Brands?:
Art par se could open a window on a new consumer landscape, and then open China to the world…
In turn, Zhang Dali works and genuine approach ease to understand Brands position as a gateway to a new Chinese mobility (reinsurance, identity built-up), topic that we have intensely covered with an ethnologic study throughout China for the two past years.
C Becker-15/02/14

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